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Notes of meeting held on 4th March 2013 to discuss the Homewatch Scheme for the Village

Members of the Council
R Holt
S Pardoe
H Bayley
A Hughes
D Evans
J Oliver
Liz Biddle Homewatch Co-Ordinator
Four members of the Public

1. The Chairman welcomed Liz Biddle and thanked her for attending the meeting.

2. The Chairman gave a background to the meeting, explaining the present arrangements, the fact that there had been relative quite in the Village and consequently some relaxation of effort in the scheme but because there had been a spate of break-ins recently there was a need to re-activate the scheme.

3. Liz Biddle gave a resume of the scheme and said that Nationally it was now 30 years old. The scheme covered all aspect of community life, (such as anti-social behaviour, theft) and gave a valuable support to communities pulling together.

The ideal arrangement is to have one person in each street who is on email and can be easily contacted.

4. The Chairman said that Bob Heaton had been the main co-ordinator but that Bob would now like someone else to take over.

5. Liz Biddle said it would help to update people with the latest information, e.g. Police contact numbers. It was said that these are in the Village newsletter.
Liz Biddle also mentioned that it there is no such thing as a 'Hawkers License' and she will arrange spot checks to be made.

6. It was agreed to put a request in the Village newsletter for volunteers. The names of those present willing to help were noted. There are approximately 270 houses in the Village and efforts would be made to arrange convenient coverage.

7. In response to a question as to what does a co-ordinator do, Liz Biddle responded that they were just asked to be 'neighbourhood friendly' and to liaise with other co-ordinators. In addition the emails that they receive would be routed to the Police for registration. There would be periodic meetings to update information.

8. Liz Biddle reported that there are 5 / 6 Safety Wardens based at Northwich Police Station. The duties cover such topics as checking fly-tipping, dog fouling etc.

9. There are PCSO's appointed and work to particular areas. PCSO Brian Reid covers Acton Bridge. PCSOs do not carry Warrant Cards.

10. It was agreed to arrange a display / advertising site in the Parish Room on the day of the Caterpillar Trail event.

M C Holt

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